Rusty Crown

Every village has at least one inn, and some villages have two. When that happens, there's always a good inn and… the other inn. Chuton is no exception.

The Rusty Crown is the other inn in Chuton. It's the inn with the dodgy dice game. Its bed have all the bugs. The goblins drink there. The ale is – well, the less said about the ale, the better.

Harvest Moon

Come the Festival of Forgiveness of the Harvest Moon, strange things went down in the Rusty Crown. Turns out Rusty had been drowning Halflings in his kegs, and using them to power some monstrous spell over Chuton. 

Well, those undead Halflings did for Rusty, and now his adopted son, Vert, runs the place. Not that the beer tastes any better, mind. 

Rusty Crown

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