Chuton is a village of 200 souls in the Northern Reach, near the city of Sixton.

It is predominantly a farming community, but the town stands at a cross roads and is a natural stopping point for travellers. It supports an inn, a blacksmith, and a recently completed church to the New God. There is also a Library, established by the Free Scholars, to give scribes and academics a place to study and write outside of the cities, and also to share ideas freely that might be unwelcome in certain political circles. Thinkers and writers make up a large percentage of visitors to the town.

Chuton serves smaller farming villages in the immediate vicinity: Pickford to the north, Meriview to the east, Oldoak to the south-east, Grantham to the south-west,, and Ashborne to the west.

Chuton landmarks

Chuton landmarks include:

Chuton inhabitants 

Notable locals include:

  • Izzy, town mayor, a go getter who has welcomed the Free Scholars and visitors and artisans of all races; his open door policy has been the cause of much of Chuton's new prosperity;
  • Father Bert, priest of the New God, born in the village and returned here after long southern pilgrimage to take up the cloth.
  • Blys Acacallis, Chuton's textor and weaver. She does a fine job, too.
  • Alaric Clay, Chuton's artificer and engineer.
  • Henri, Chuton's faunish scribe. 
  • Sister Hüvje, the beautiful Deacon who assists Father Bert.
  • Nessa the Dwarven bowmaker.
  • Reisus Wright, the apothecary.  

Local mechanicals include:

  • Cutter, Chuton's mechanical woodcutter. 
  • The Lion, Chuton's mechanical nightwatch.
  • Bzzzantine, a mysterious tiny flying clockwork, recently reactivated by Alaric.

Others include the gravedigger, Havelock, peasants, such as Porky, and goblins, such as Chrissie Todd,  Tonk B Macletonk and Roach.

Recently an elf that goes by the name of Glint of Moonlight has come to Chuton. 

Chuton events


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