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Notes of Sister Margery

Sister Margery kept pages of careful research into the First Folk, and a great weapon that they used against their enemy:

The Cult are raising the Shadow. If the Shadow is cast into our world, then the Great Devourer will step through.

We are not safe in the light. The sun is our enemy. Darkness shall deliver us. It was not so for the First Folk.

When they fought the trolls, the daylight hours were a time of safety. When their armies were routed, and the peril grew too great, they called upon the heathen fey for aid. They fey gave to them a powerful weapon. A Lightstone.

When placed in the throne of the fey ruler, when the stars shone bright, it raises a sun so pure that the trolls were banished.

The Lightstone shone until it was dimmed, but I believe if yet has power. A Darkstone, able to summon the darkness of pure night. The stone was buried somewhere in the barrows to hide it from those who would use its power for evil. To stop the shadows, we must retrieve the Darkstone. By plunging the world into night, we will save it from itself.

Only the Swords of Astrid have the wisdom to wield the Darkstone. We must retrieve it. We must plunge the world into darkness, to save it from itself…

The final entry is scrawled, the ink is smeared:

The Shadow whispers lies to me. I do not listen. It says it will kill me. It cannot harm me in the dark. Hugolin will save me, and then we will save the world.


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