A silent clockwork who follows Alaric around.


When Alaric Clay went to an old tower in the woods to rid it of gremlins, one of the dilapidated mechanical things he found there was a large clockwork. Though his previous experience made him hesitate, he couldn’t leave the creature there, and so wound its key. It has followed him and mimicked his actions ever since, though it has not spoken a word or made any indication of independent thought – save when Alaric nearly died at the hands of a Harvester in Foundry. Not knowing the clockwork’s name, Alaric has taken to calling it “Tower”, since it is tall and powerful, and he found it in a tower. (He hopes to learn its real name eventually.)

Since their latest expedition to the Oroborus Monastery, Alaric can frequently be heard conversing with Tower. The clockwork still makes no indication that it understands, or responds.

Image credit: Gearsman by yigitkoroglu



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