Raya the Unwashed

Raya the Orcish orphan is a scrapper. She was born a scrapper, and in the moment of her death, she will probably be still happily clawing at the eyes of her enemies.


The men called her Nipper, because she had only two front fangs the first time they dropped her in the Pit. Like her mother before her, Raya was weaned on the blood and gristle of the Pit dogs: fighting to stay alive, fighting to eat, and, finally fighting for the hell of it.

The cage where Raya lived for the first ten years of her life was quite large compared to the others, almost two metres square. It got more roomy when her mother finally lost against the Pit dogs, but the downside was that there was no one to cook the rancid meat that was lobbed into the cage at the end of each fight.

Soon after the death of her mother, the men stopped coming down to the cages. Raya could hear the dogs baying madly for a few days, slowly beating themselves to death as they tried to break out of their pens. Thankfully she had learned how to lure rats from the colony that clogged the underground pit. She fed well for a while, and managed to hoard a number of rat bones, using them to slowly file away at the hinges of her cage.

Some days after the last dog died, frothing and howling, Raya’s endless supply of rat bones wore through the lowest door hinge. Determinedly, she began on the next.

Raya doesn’t remember much about her ascent to the world above. She travelled by night along strange pathways, her vision distorted by the hunger and the fear a small child has when they are alone. Finally after what seemed like a dream of strange smells and bright, burning colours – though it must have been many, many days and nights – she chanced upon the road to Chuton. The townspeople allowed her to stay and eat all the rats she wanted.

In Chuton, Raya has discovered a set of new words. Dinner. Friends. Children. Adults… Home. No one is going to take them from her.


Raya the Unwashed

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