Jack of the Woods

32y/o, male, average build and appearance. Hairy. Touch of silver in eyes.


Human, Priest, Warden (L3)

Str 12, Agi 10, Int 10, Will 13

Professions: pickpocket, hermit, tracker, heretic (Old Faith)
Speaks Common, Elvish. Reads common.

Primal and Nature traditions

Items of interest: Silver engagement ring, Club “of the sacred tree”


Jack was formerly born into a local farming village. No-one agrees which one, or how he came to leave. Rumour has it he was a common pickpocket, and simply fled his crimes. Many years past, and he started reappearing, occasionally helping folks lost or in trouble in the woods, later being seen in villages again, earning coin, and lending his service as a tracker.

Chuton has become the closest to a home that Jack has ever had in recent times. Over a decade of reclusive living out in nature has earned him his nickname of “Jack of the Woods”. More recently, he has taken on more primal appearance, and wielding powers akin to those of the old gods; although when pressed he claims these powers are his own innate gifts; heresy to worshipers of the old gods, and just plain nuts to everyone else

Oh, and he has a dog. Named Mandy.

Jack of the Woods

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