At 3’10" she is a dwarf who is average in every way.


Raised in the dwarvern cities, Branka learned to work with her hands.
She quickly found a love for wielding metal and working with it. Bending objects to her will, skulls or metal in a forge brought her great satisfaction.

All was well until her friends suggested they put their skills to use in hunting a demon which had ventured too close to their homes.
The hunt was long. Her friends died. She learnt to carry on alone, a hatred of demons rising and boiling within her.

Her black smithing skills taught her patience, precision, thoughtful planning, and that at the end of the day sometimes you just need to hit some things really hard repeatedly until they bend.

Her move to Chuton came about to get distance from the demons which haunted her. Leaving behind the constant death she found in the dwarven cities.
The blacksmith position was already filled so she found work as a farrier. Not a lot of work though, keeping her poor.

She’s found that poverty can be good for a dwarf, it’s easier to protect what you have if there is very little of it.


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