Bartender With Shady Past


Below Ordinary, No one takes much notice


Vertrix has had a very tough life from the beginning but it has made him into the young man he is today.

From a very young age tragedy has been around every corner and he just cant seem to catch a break.

Starting with the death of his parents at the age of just 4, Vertrix had no family to turn to or to take him in. After crying over his parents lifeless and decaying bodies, hunger and thirst got the better of him and he was drawn out onto the streets with nothing but the clothes on his back. Being forced into the life of thievery, his very plain features, quick wit and bravery taught him how to survive. Vertrix learnt survival skills very quickly and became a novice pickpocket whom scouted the edges of the marketplace looking for easy prey.

At the age of 12 he fell in love with a fabric merchants daughter at the local market but the love was lost and quickly turned to hatred when she was caught fooling around with a sailors son. A fight broke out when Vertrix confronted them about the dishonour and the sailors son was accidently impaled on a rusty broken barrel ring in the scuffle. Out of rage his once true love lifted a dagger above her head and upon defending himself left her lying there in a pool of blood with her own dagger protruding from her chest.

Grabbing the dagger (which he has to this day as a keep sake and a reminder of the betrayal and tragic accident) and fleeing for his life at the retribution that was sure to be unjust in this crazy world, he came across the small town of Chuton (thinking this small town would be a prefect place to start a new life and to hide from the old one) where a very grumpy man by the name of Rusty became sort of like a male (dare i say father) figure in Vertrix’ life but it was hard and semi honest work.

Surely this little town cant be any worse then his previous life……….can it?

Picture: Robin Hobb – Megan Lindholm Character: Fitz from the Farseer Trilogy


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