Shadow of the Demon Lord @ Gamezilla RPG night

The Fires Burn

What happens upon the return to Chuton

A funeral procession marches to Chuton. Rattling down the road from Grantham comes a band of weary travellers, carrying with them the body of Carver, the coffin maker. Their march is heavy. Who would have thought the coffin maker would be so soon in need of a coffin? Nothing makes sense any more.

Slowly, they are joined by more travellers. From the west, the east, the north. Tales are swapped and hurried explanations given. There was a cup taken from beastmen, a death at the hands of a bizarre beast, a clockwork found in a tower and a terrible pact which has Henri worried.

With a sense of dawning dread, those marching towards Chuton understand that a bargain has been made.

In the distance, thick black smoke begins to rise from the village.

The marchers break into a run.

Something terrible is happening.


AllanCarey MarkMorrison

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