Shadow of the Demon Lord @ Gamezilla RPG night

Hey Lion, we were pretty lucky at that monastery, weren’t we. Big Dog found us, and he must have followed us all the way from Chuton. Lucky he made it. Good doggie.

I mean, we’re lucky that Cutter came with us and not with another group. Big, strong, dumb Cutter. Well, not dumb exactly, but he can’t read like you and I.

Anyway, it was lucky that he was with us because he could break through the door. If he hadn’t been there, we wouldn’t have been able to get in. Neither would those demons who were friends of the demon that we killed with the silver anchor I suppose…

But then we were lucky that the Curator had set up all those traps – the magic cannons, the collapsing stairs, the wind-up rug – because they helped us to defeat the demons.

We were lucky we found the telescope when we did. If we hadn’t, then you wouldn’t have tried to take the cover off the lens, and the Curator wouldn’t have set you on fire. I’ll bet that hurt.

And that probably didn’t seem lucky at the time, but if you hadn’t done that, we wouldn’t have met the Curator. And he wouldn’t have told us that he didn’t trust us because we could be shadow people, and Cutter wouldn’t have shown him the Sword of Astrid Sword that he doesn’t show anyone and that he was willing to swear the Sword of Astrid oath, and rebuild the order if the Astrids all died.

And if that hadn’t happened, the Curator wouldn’t have known that we weren’t shadow people and that he could trust us. And if that hadn’t happened, he wouldn’t have told us about the Golem that was guarding the map to the Barrows. He wouldn’t have been there to help us work out how to get past the Golem.

If he hadn’t done that, the Golem would have killed us all. Probably.

We were lucky that Roach could sneak in there without waking the Golem, and that he could grab the map and run out between its legs. And how it spent a minute mindlessly bashing against the door, even though the door was splintered into a million bits. That was lucky, because if that hadn’t happened, I don’t think Roach could have got away.

And it was lucky that she led it through the Room of Bones and it fell into the bone pit trap that the Curator had set. Because if she had gone the other way, then she wouldn’t have been able to lead it past the cannons and the rug, and it wouldn’t have been slowed down and it probably would have caught her. Probably.

And it was lucky that she threw the map to you when she did, because if she hadn’t, she would have been definitely been caught. And then you caught the map and it was lucky that you can fly so fast. Why don’t you fly that fast all the time?

Anyway, it was lucky that you flew as high as you did, because the Golem almost caught you, and then it was lucky that you dodged around those towers and stuff because if you hadn’t, you might have flown away too fast, and then the Golem wouldn’t have chased you.

But it did! And luckily, when it crashed through the Observatory, it didn’t smash the giant Telescope, even though it ran through the windows right beside it. Because if he did, Cutter would have fallen off, and the Telescope would have been ruined and we wouldn’t have been able to read the map and…

But it didn’t. It just smashed through those big windows and ran after you. And it was so fixated on you that it didn’t see the cliff and didn’t see the big lake and it just ran straight off the cliff and right down into the big lake. And it didn’t come out again. That was lucky.

Because if that all hadn’t happened, then we wouldn’t have been able to put the map into the big telescope with the help of the Curator, and we wouldn’t have known to turn the Telescope around so that it worked more like a microscope and showed us in amazing detail the barrows around Chuton and exactly where the magic weapon to defeat the Demon Lord can be found.

And it was pretty lucky that the Curator turned out to be possessed by a shadow creature who hadn’t been able to get the map until we came along and now also knows exactly where the magic weapon was, too.

Because if that didn’t happen, he wouldn’t have disappeared, leaving us alone in the ruined Museum. And if that didn’t happen, I would never have got the holy book of the Swords of Astrid. And if that didn’t happen I wouldn’t have been the one to read it to Cutter. I wouldn’t have been the one to tell him how the reformed Swords of Astrid should think and act.

Besides, in the ruined museum, I found this little owl’s head. Look, it’s a tinkly bell. It’s my new lucky charm.

Pretty lucky, I reckon.


AllanCarey jod999

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