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Into the Tomb of Cycles

Collected from the notes of Sister Margery and the maps of Brother Hector is the secret history and location of the “Darkstone”, a weapon against the Shadow of evil. The artefact is a remnant of the first folk, who hid it away after using its power to defeat an invasion of trolls.

The weapon is hidden deep within a first folk tomb within the barrows. Brother Hector named it “The Tomb of Cycles”, but its real name, if it ever had one, is lost.

At the urging of Izzy and other village elders, The Heroes of Chuton have ventured towards the tomb. You climbed through the many ancient bones in a mass grave of the first folk and found, in the light of the setting sun, the entrance to the tomb. Its vastness awaits you.

A room hewn from rough rock, the low ceiling gives it a claustrophobic feeling. Iron bars in the rock mark where a rope ladder was once hung, you had to construct your own from spare parts. What little light the setting sun still gives off picks up a thin cloud of dust, which coats the air.

The centre of the room contains a stone statue of a knight, easily six feet tall.
To the North, South, East and West, passages have been carved into the stone. They descend slowly, and quickly pass out of the range of your lanterns. Atop each of them is a symbol, carved in the rock. The symbols are functional, and easily identified, despite having been smoothed by time.

To the North, a flower pushes its way to break the dirt.

To the East, a ship is wracked by storms.

To the South, a tree, cleft in twain by a mighty Axe. It’s left side is filled with life and leaves, while the right is barren and cold.

Finally, the West shows a warrior’s shield, emblazoned with a radiant sun.

Each of these symbols has a clear fist sized slot in the rock beneath them.


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