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Henri's personal journal entry 428

not again

After returning from Ashbourne I spent two days immersed in research at the library. Trying to follow up the only lead we had to Red Leaf’s true identity was finding to be near impossible. None of the old records of town or that of the outer areas of the Soldier Forest helped me provide any resolve of the clue “you have walked past me before, may times each one of you, not beneath the trees”. Maybe I’m approaching this all wrong and, quite frankly, would knowing who Red Leaf is really make a difference. We know that the Fey don’t give care about who or why someone was engaging with demons in the village.

I’m quite concerned about he letter that was found. It has been three years and my fear had just started to reside… I came to Chuton as an outcast, someone whom the locals would scorn due to my heritage, but I decided to call this place home. Father Bert was the first one in town to show kindness to me and now I find out that, like Thalo, he too is being branded a heretic. Did he befriend me in order to use my blood as well?

I’m worried about the inquisition sending soldiers. They will be quick to judge me based on my appearance alone. Once again, I am afraid.

Some of the town want to go hide in Crossings but it doesn’t make sense for us all to flee as they will just hunt us down. A similar result would occur if we attacked them, they would come back in even larger numbers.

Seeking refuge with Red Leaf the Fey is a fatal choice unto itself.

Maybe Huve & Lion can spin a story about a cleansing, as there are many graves from the deaths after the Festival so maybe the outsiders will believe that the town has dealt with the evil presence and spare us… then again, these people can not be reasoned with.

The leaders of Chuton need to come up with a plan that will keep us safe.

I’m so confused and don’t know what to do. Maybe I should run away again… but even if I do, the shadow will just follow me.


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