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A vision of the future by Tonk, goblin futurologist

What if we no longer had to be forced to work, and could to choose to spend our precious mortal hours as we please? Where numbing toil and the struggle to earn a living is a relic of a primitive past?

Freshly returned from an extremely inspiring and informative expedition to the progressive village of Hallowood , Tonk, the goblin futurologist, is keen to share his vision of a new world.

I joined Jack of the Woods, Henri, Tonk, Raya and Glint to form a delegation of the most-broad minded Chuton scholars to witness first hand a new way of organising a village’s economy, and one that could bring in a golden era of societal development, that can both elevate quality of life of Chuton and solve the energy crisis we face today.

Hallowood, free of the shackles of prejudice brought on by our narrow-minded culture, has implemented a plan to recycle the deceased and reanimate them for labour. This is a town that for the last 10 years has relied on corpses (Reanimated-Beings) to perform all manner of labour. Reanimated-Beings carry loads for the blacksmiths, cook at the inn, clean houses. We interacted with them personally, noting that they had intelligence to follow simple commands in dark speech. These are creatures that are non-violent, do not eat, sleep, or burdened by the selfish instincts of our animal-selves. A decade in, Hallowood is reaping the rewards economically, a village the size of Chuton, but with a non-stop economy producing an output that has literally raised an army.

We interviewed “The Teacher”, that for modesty, and for a lack of better term, serves as the town’s mayor, and supervisor of the Reanimated-Beings. A Reanimator, to coin a new term. A genial and visionary fellow, that has brought the town to an unprecedented achievement and has promised to share some of the breakthroughs he has achieved in exploring the Reanimation Arts.

Imagine a future where the living are no longer required to labour in the fields to produce food, or break their backs mining for coal. All labour would be taken over by a renewable form of energy producing Reanimated-Beings, and the living would be free to pursue whatever desire they value. Art, education, gardening. Current state Reanimated-Beings, which I have barely experimented with have still a rudimentary intelligence, but with resources poured into the Reanimation Arts, this technological barrier is but a simple hurdle. Once we achieve knowledge to create super intelligent reanimated-beings, this will spark a revolution that will usher in a new golden future elevating us species to an unprecedented level.

The matter of trust in Reanimators, those that have excelled in the art of reanimation, is an important one. Until Reanimated-Beings achieve a degree of moral independence, we have to rely on Reanimators to pledge that they will direct Reanimated-Beings to the greater good. This is but a matter of regulation and supervision, no different in the trust and checks we put in place for those that we elect for public office.

While many of the close-minded and bigoted would dismiss this as a fantasy, I predict that in 100 years’ time we will as a society have vote down laws that prohibit the consort of the dead and living, for the greater good of our society.

As a humble goblin looking to move our society forward, I put myself at your disposal to engage and debate these exciting visions and answer any questions relating to the delegation’s visit to Hallowood.


AllanCarey Christian_Moura

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