THE SHADOW OVER CHUTON is a massively multiplayer Shadow of the Demon Lord tabletop roleplaying game campaign run every two weeks in Melbourne, Australia, at the Gamezilla RPG meetup.

The campaign features 30 players, all in the same adventure!

For a brief overview of the setting and assumptions for the game, visit the Wiki's main page.


Level 0: The Shadow Over Chuton

Monday 1 May, 2017
The horror began in the small village of Chuton at the Festival of Forgiveness, when all present at the harvest festival were attacked by their own shadows. The discovery of five occult bundles in the Town Hall sent the heroes to five locations to stop the evil:

Level 1: The Bells Spoke Doom

Monday 15 May, 2017
Somebody has summoned demons to attack the village. Who, and why? The heroes asked Vert, the bartender at the accursed Rusted Crown, about who had visited in the last month. They followed the trail of five mysterious strangers to the nearby towns:

  • Pickford to the north, on the trail of Lucky Bran, a graverobber who wanted to turn the Barrows into a tourist attraction;
  • Meriview to the east, where Porky and friends followed Adeline Hart and found strange animals and missing people in an idyllic Halfling village;
  • Ashborne to the west, where Henri and the Lion encountered Red Leaf the fey;
  • Grantham to the south-west, where Chrissie and friends saw the terrible work of Brother Viktus the witch-hunter and found a horrifying letter, and
  • Oldoak to the south-east, where Alaric and friends came face to face with the real villain who had brought the shadows to Chuton: an Elegant Woman who escaped north by train, towards the free city of Crossings.

Level 2: The Fires of Justice

Monday 29 May, 2017
Even as the heroes learned that the villain was bound for Crossings, a crisis emerged: after the report of Brother Viktus, the Swords of Astrid from the Cult of the New God are marching to purge Chuton with fire and sword. Henri is worried, he has everyone to lose. The heroes held an urgent town meeting and decided to outwit the inquisitors.

However, no plan survives first contact with the enemy. Those most threatened by the inquisition refused to stay and join the ruse. Instead, they fled into the forest. Those remaining attempted a desperate scheme. The lead inquisitor, Hugolin, was unconvinced. He demanded a test of faith. The Heroes of Cuton were sent to:

While these quests were filled with their own peril, those who fled to the forest faced another threat. After a confrontation with patrolling Swords of Astrid, they felt they had no choice but to bargain with Redleaf. Jack, Henri and the rest of those in hiding found the fey being and made a most terrible pact.

Separated and weary, at last, The Heroes of Chuton reunited on the road back to the village.

Level 3: Grave Decisions

Monday 26th June, 2017

As The Heroes of Chuton marched back towards their village, thick black smoke was pouring from the town. Quickly, hands reached for weapons and weary feet broke into a run.

Something was happening in Chuton. As they ran, the faithful prayed the village still stands.

Upon arriving, the heroes of Chuton found a city ravaged by the fey. Bodies littered the streets. The last survivors of the terrible conflict, brought about by the pact with Redleaf, gathered at the church. Hugolin, wounded and weakened, stabbed his declaration onto the church door. It was an offer of absolution for all members of the town. Redleaf made his offer. “Join me. Kill the Crusader.”

After a fierce discussion, despite the pleas of Sister Hüvje, the town decided to join with Redleaf. Urrgghh was the only volunteer to fufil the dark half of Redleaf’s contract. He finished Hugolin.

The village banded together and set up defences. It wasn’t long before the forces of the inquisition came down upon Chuton. Three great battles were staged.

* At the river while the village library burnt in the distance, Cutter, Jack of the Woods, Nodoun, Porky and Sister Hüvje held back the Inquisitors with fire and traps.
* At the main road, Branka, Coale, Tonk, Alaric, Henri and Virtue stood together against a dark machine.
* At the edges of the forest, Owen, Vertrix, the Lion, Roach, Blys and Urrgghh defended against an influx from the forest Redleaf calls home.

When at last the fighting stopped, the inquisitors had been forced back from the city. Chuton is safe for now.

Level 4: After the Siege

Monday 10th July, 2017

While errant embers from the siege smouldered, The Heroes of Chuton gathered around the statue of the hero. One by one, many of them pricked their fingers upon a unicorn horn. The blood they let caused the wind to rise. There was a puff of red leaves. The bodies of the Crusaders were sent far from Chuton. The statue crumbled into dust. It left behind nothing but a tiny sapling.

A period of uncharacteristic calm overcame the village. There was at last time to heal and recover from the chaos of the last few days.

A number of scholars banded together and begun to translate a coded diary, retrieved from the effects of the late Inquisitor Hugolin. The information contained within put the Heroes of Chuton firmly on the trail of The Cult of the Grinning Darkness. This organisation executed the original shadow attack.

* In Warmstone, Coal Sparkmore, Cutter, Havelock, The Lion & Owen Blacksmith struggled to stop a ritual that had already happened.
* In Hallowood, Glint, Henri, Jack of the Woods, Raya & Tonk were introduced to a vision of a possible future.
* At Foundry Alaric, Branka, Chrissie Todd, Sister Hüvje & Vertrix confronted evil with mercy when they faced off against a band of Harvesters.

Now returned to Chuton, each group of adventurers shares their knowledge and prepares to continue their work against The Cult of the Grinning Darkness.

Level 5: Solemn Visits

Monday 24th July, 2017

The Heroes of Chuton have learnt some secrets of The Cult of Grinning Darkness, but there remains much more to learn. After a second round of translation from Hugolin’s journal, The Heroes of Chuton ventured towards the home monastery of the Swords of Astrid. Within, they found a fortress besieged by demons.

* Alaric, Coale, Jack and Raya ventured into The Archives searching for Sister Margery.
* Blys, Havelock, Hüvje, and Tonk ventured into The Crypts to lock away a demon.
* Branka, Glint, Henri and Vert ventured into The Dungeons searching for a forgotten prisoner.
* Cutter, The Lion, Porky and Roach ventured into The Observatory looking for Brother Hector.

Key information was retrieved from the barrows about a powerful weapon against the Cult of Grinning Darkness. A new destination loomed. The Barrows.

Level 6: Into the Barrows

Monday 7th August, 2017

The Notes of Sister Margery lead The Heroes of Chuton into the depths of the barrows. Awaiting them were the dreaded innards of the “Tomb of Cycles”. After a vicious battle against the guardians of the tomb, The Heroes emerged with the fabled Nightstone, a weapon against evil.

Level 7: Crossings

Monday 21st August, 2017

With the Nightstone in their possession, The Heroes of Chuton ventured to Crossings, where they hunted down several key members of the Cult of Grinning Darkness. Although their investigations were successful, a terrible calamity struck just as all seemed well. Something awful has happened…

Level 8: The Stars Shine Bright

Monday 21st August, 2017

Deep below the city of Crossings comes shining a bright light. There is the sound of panic from the nearby streets. The Heroes of Chuton spring into action!

About the campaign


We play every second Monday upstairs at Izakaya Chuji (165 Lonsdale St, Melbourne), at the Gamezilla RPG Meetup group.

How we play

Each night starts with a group session and briefing, and then the GMs present five different problems to solve. The players discuss and form parties, and then play out the adventures simultaneously (a normal RPG session, at five different tables), then meet back at the end of the night to bury the dead, share stories, quake in fear, and discuss what needs to be done next time.

Survivors level up after every adventure. The campaign will take eleven sessions.


Leading you into the shadow are a team of GMs:

  • David
  • Jackson
  • Jamie
  • Lukas
  • Mark
  • Allan


We currently have 30 registered players, so we are booked out, sorry. Feel free to get in touch, spaces may open up, and we may run a second season if this goes well!

The game system

Shadow of the Demon Lord is a fast, dynamic and gruesome D20 system by Rob Schwalb, who was a designer on DnD 5e, as well as Song of Ice and Fire, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd edition, and others. It’s very easy to learn and play. For more, visit Schwalb Entertainment.

Shout outs

We are grateful for the support of: