Things to Bring

Useful things

We can supply almost everything, but to personalise your descent into madness and despair, the following may be useful:

Dice: The game uses D20 and D6. I like to use white D6 (boons), black D6 (banes) and red D6 (damage), but any D6 will do.

Pencil & Eraser: To cross off those hit points

Miniature: We will use miniatures at times. Feel free to supply your own, or choose from our selection.

Entry Fee: Gamezilla RPG has a $2 entry fee per night

Funds: If you wish, you can dine while you play, or get a drink, direct to your table. You will receive your own tab number at the start of the night, and you can pay when you leave. All players get a 10% discount. Jugs of water are available.

What Not To Bring

BYO Snacks or Drinks: As Chuji is a licensed venue, please don't self cater. We hope you understand. There is a special menu of gamer snacks for your snack food needs! Nothing takes the edge of impending doom like a stick of Pocky, amirite?


Things to Bring

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