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The World

Urth is the world of Shadow of the Demon Lord; see its entry for information on its locations, races and religions. For a high-level overview of the basic assumptions of the game, see The Basics below.

The Player Village

Chuton is a village of 200 souls in the Northern Reach, near the city of Sixton, and is the main setting of our tale.


The Basics

These are the basic assumptions of the setting of Urth. For more details, check out chapter 8 of the Shadow of the Demon Lord core rulebook; this list is drawn from the overview at the beginning of that chapter, starting on page 149.

  • The Gods Are Distant Powers – mortals don’t know for sure that they even exist.
  • Hidden Worlds – as well as the mortal world, there are the realms of faerie, Hell, the Underworld and possibly others as well.
  • Magic Is Real – it infuses all things, and some know how to wield it.
  • Mortals Live Many Lives – when mortals die, their souls travel to the Underworld, to be reborn once they have forgotten their former lives. A soul tainted by corruption travels to Hell to have that corruption painfully scoured away by devils first.
  • Science and Technology – current innovations include black powder, clockwork and the beginnings of steam technology.
  • The World is Filled with Terrible Monsters – it’s not safe to leave the lights of civilisation.
  • The Empire Burns – though it seems far from Chuton, there is great trouble in the human Empire of Caecras.
  • The Shadow of the Demon Lord – many believe this evil figure of legend is close to emerging from the Void between worlds, which would surely spell the end of all things.


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