How to add a page

We welcome player accounts of the adventure! If one person writes up what happened at your table, it helps everyone else get the whole story. Our GMs are flat out getting the scenarios ready, so won’t be able to add much here, so anything helps!

Here are some quick notes on formatting:

Use the + New tab on the menu bar. Here you can:

  • Create an Adventure Log on one of the table scenarios
  • Write a Wiki page about a place, object, event, or anything
  • Create a Character page (you can also add NPCs, by checking the NPC box)

Cross link as much as you can! Use the tabs to the right to:

  • Add Character Link: displays character name and links to their bio, use this when you mention a fellow adventurer
  • Add Wiki Link: you can link to another page, such as an Adventure Log account from another player, or one of our places in the world.

Please don’t put any punctuation in your story title. For some reason, it means that direct Wiki Links don’t work (you can still link, but you need to use the direct URL link instead)

Images are great. You can embed and upload images. This is for non-commercial use but, out of courtesy, please link to the original artist where possible.

Secrets. If you want to add a secret, tag yourself as well or you may not be able to see them once you Save. GMs can automatically see all secrets.

If you have more tips, add them here!

How to add a page

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