Festival of Forgiveness

The Festival of Forgiveness is an annual ceremony of thanks during the Harvest Moon. All villagers and visitors gather in the village hall to share the bounty of the harvest and to reflect on the past year and to seek absolution for failings. The tradition is for everyone to take a turn to say "I am (name), and I am a (race/profession). I try to be a good person, but I (describe act for which you seek forgiveness). Please forgive me." All present say "We forgive you", and at the end of the evening all drink from the same cup, and toast to the coming year. In a first, this year will be the first time that Clockworks will take part in the ceremony, in recognition of their part in the community.

The annual Hop Fight is then held, in which everyone hops on one leg and tries to knock each other over. The Hop Champ then taps the harvest keg and sculls the first beer. Couples then announce engagements and seek the blessings of the community, followed by a party until sunrise.

Shadows over Chuton

This year, things didn't quite go as planned. Everybody's secrets welled up and tried to choke them. Giant carnivorous earthworm demons. Sentient potatoes. Halflings drowned in beer. There was even a Fairy there!

Oh, and the hall burnt down. 

Can't wait until next year. 

Festival of Forgiveness

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