Character Generation

Character generation

You can turn up to any session and create your character on the spot, it is easy and does not take long.

Or, you can support the author Rob Schwalb (thanks so much!) and grab a PDF of either the starter version or the full version, and generate your character in advance:

VICTIMS OF THE DEMON LORD has everything you need to generate zero level characters, plus all the core rules for the game, on sale now for just USD $1.99:…/Victims-of-the-Demon-Lord-Sta…

SHADOW OF THE DEMON LORD is the full rulebook for the complete game, which has the complete guide to all character paths and spells for Levels 0 to 10, available in PDF for USD $19.99:…/1555…/Shadow-of-the-Demon-Lord

And, for those who like a physical tome, we are ordering some in. They will be AUD $70 – if you would like one, please let me know. (You may of course like to try the game first!)

The characters all live in the village of Chuton.


If you would like to take a deeper dive, the Expanded Character Options page has additional background information you can seek out for all races, as well as additional options. This is optional! The information in the core rulebook is plenty.

Character Generation

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