Urth is the world from the Shadow of the Demon Lord core rulebook, and the setting for our campaign. For basic assumptions about the setting, see The Basics on the wiki home page.


Chuton is a village of 200 souls in the Northern Reach, near the city of Sixton, and is the main setting of our tale. (See the wiki page for Chuton for more information on places and people there.)

The Northern Reach marks the northern edge of the Empire of Caecras on the continent of Rul. To the south are the more prosperous, verdant lands of the Empire; further north is the Desolation, a waste of mud and sand from which undead and worse horrors threaten the Empire, held back by strongholds built by the Cult of the New God.


There are many kinds of folk in the Northern Reach, and for the most part they get along, though some succumb to prejudice and fear as the shadow looms ever closer.

Common Folk

  • Humans are the most numerous mortal folk; they settled these lands and established the town.
  • Changelings are creations of the fae, left behind when elves or others steal a mortal child. It is said they can take any form they wish, but their natural shapes are hideous to behold.
  • Clockworks are automatons made of steel and springs, animated by a mortal soul. While a relatively new form of life, invented only a century or two ago, they are becoming more accepted by other folk.
  • Dwarves are stout, gruff folk who are driven by hatred and greed; they are sometimes driven from their underground cities by forces of darkness and seek homes elsewhere.
  • Goblins are small, disgusting fae creatures who were long ago cast into our world. Unlike most fae they are mortal and have found various ways to live alongside humans.
  • Orcs were created by dark wizards to serve as soldiers for the Empire, but after many generations of slavery many freed themselves in a great revolt.

Stranger Folk

  • Elves are mysterious faerie creatures, rarely seen and little understood. They long ago fled the mortal world to other realms of their own creation and are feared by many, for they are said to possess great power.
  • Fauns are goat-like people, and the result of coupling between elves and other folk, usually humans.
  • Gnomes are smaller folk who stayed long hidden in caverns beneath the earth. Little is known about them aside from their short stature, and that they excel as artisans and tinkerers.
  • Halflings are small folk who resemble half-sized humans, and who mostly live in peaceful agrarian settlements in the south of the Empire. Attacks from the Orc revolt have caused some to flee and seek homes elsewhere.


While there’s no proof, most mortals believe that the gods exist in some form or another. For more information see pages 171-173 of the Shadow of the Demon Lord core rulebook, or the source book Uncertain Faith.

The Old Faith

An ancient religion which venerates a host of gods and nature spirits. These include Father Death, the Horned King, the Maiden in the Moon, Old Man Winter, Revel, the Queen of Summer, the Seer and the World Mother, though there may be many others. Belief in the Old Faith is on the decline.

The Cult of the New God

Started many centuries ago by the priest Astrid, who disappeared and is said to have ascended, the Cult believes in a single god, depicted by a circle – often a serpent eating its own tail. It teaches that the divine depends on mortals, not the other way round. The Cult focuses on keeping one’s soul pure and stamping out anything that impedes the migration of mortal souls from one life to the next – including the Demon Lord himself. It is now the most powerful religion in the Empire.

Other religions

Witchcraft is an ancient tradition, most common in rural areas, whose customs have lasted for centuries; practitioners worship a pair of gods known as the Lord and Lady.

Some mortals worship the Faerie Queen, Titania, as though she were a god. Some even equate her with the Queen of Summer worshipped by followers of the Old Faith.

There are also numerous small gods worshipped in various corners of the Empire – as well as those who worship other beings, even the Demon Lord.


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