The Lion -or- The Nightwatch

A clockwork lion-goat-snake thing the size of a large dog


Cunningly wrought with many fine details, the Lion is a mechanical combination of lion, eagle and snake, with the soul of a long-dead scholar. Once a member of a tableaux, the Lion has been in Chuton for more than twenty five years. Once golden, his metal now has a fine patina of age along with scuff marks and a few dents. The Lion is about four feet high; slightly smaller than an actual lion and significantly more convivial than a Chimera.


Most villagers will be aware of the ornate clockwork Chimera that can, usually, be found in the town square. If you have a legal matter, give the Lion a coin, ask your question, and he’ll tell you how you stand in the law. Apparently he used to be part of a set of five clockworks, all with unique talents, that decorated the town square twenty years ago. How and when did the others vanish? The Lion has an internal light set behind a crystal chest-plate and arranged his own modification ten years ago to spray flame-suppressant from his snake tail. He appointed himself the Nightwatch and roams the streets after dark, lighting the way home for drunks while admonishing them to keep the noise down. It’s quite a sight to see him use his small wings to bound up onto a rooftop to help put out a fire.

The Lion has few close friends, most find it difficult to see him as more than a dog-sized curiosity. The kids pat his nose or try to clamber on him which, though beneath his dignity as a lawyer, he tolerates if he is not busy with a client or doing the rounds.

**Hey, it’s hard to find pictures of Clockwork Chimeras! The Lion is in no way as scary looking as this one.

The Lion -or- The Nightwatch

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