The Elegant Woman

The Elegant Woman behind the attack on Chuton!


Thanks to the efforts of the band of heroes who followed this evil woman through the woods to the Railway at Oldoak – we now know that she was behind the attack on Chuton.

She is a tall and eerie woman with dark hair. It has become evident that she is willing to commit murder, and that she is in league with other powers. Even the weakest of her underlings, those that feared her, were capable of wielding powerful magic.

She escaped the clutches of village justice. During her flight, she was able to transform herself into a beast! She also wielded the magic of the air, and the magic of teleportation.

There is so little that can be said – Our only hint to her intentions is where she is going next.

“Crossings – When the stars burn bright”

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The Elegant Woman

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