goblin with prehensile tail and long slender fingers


Race: Goblin

St: 7 Ag: 14 Int: 11 Will: 9 Defence: 14 Health: 10

Build: Wiry

Perception: 12

Languages: Common & Elvish

Age: 17

Odd Habit: keeps cockroaches as pets within a special blue box

Professions: Burglar, Tracker, Pickpocket

Wealth: poor

Nimble Recovery: Use action to heal damage equal to heal rate and then move 1/2 speed without triggering free attacks

Trickery: make attack or challenge roll with one boon. If attack +1d6 damage.


Roach, that’s me. Any job, any time… well almost.
Some jobs, well, some you should just leave alone. Like the knife. That fella he was too easy to steal from. Should’ve caught on it was a set up. The witch hunter needed someone to steal the knife, someone to clear away suspicion off of him. So, a goblin was an easy choice, an easy target. No one will stand up for a goblin, I mean they did something real awful to get thrown out by the fairies. Sure, they are good to clean up the messier messes and do the nastier jobs; but no good for anything else. I really, really don’t like elves. Other peoples are OK, they can be a bit harsh and confusing. But I really Do. Not. Like. Elves. We aren’t all sweetness and light, dancing around with flowers in our hair, with sweet smelling breath and clean smooth skin. Well, not anymore. We could be, if we were given a chance. But no, kick them out, make up some story about the dirty nasty goblins. Not that anyone other than her majestic bitchiness can remember what the hell it was we were supposed to have done. Sorry… deep breathhold …*release*.
Anyway, the knife; Yeah I stole it and got caught. It was all ‘OH HO little goblin, what is that nasty, corrupted magical knife you have there’? I was so shocked at being so easily caught that I just blurted out, ‘Well you should know it is your knife’. Next thing, I am locked up in a cell with a metal man guarding me and the witch hunter warming up a fire to burn me at the stake. There I am pacing the cell, a little upset at how badly I had managed the situation and there are Cutter and Porky have a little pow wow. Then Porky runs off, Cutter opens the cell and we are running away for all we are worth. Porky joins us down the road. We travelled together for a while,( it was nice) and after a few near scrapes we come to this village. Apparently, this is where Porky grew up.
I am still speechless at this. No one has ever, ever done anything nice for me. Ever! Then these two who don’t know me, help me escape and go on the run. I owe them big time. A metal man and a human (sort of) have put their lives on the line, for me, a goblin. As I said, no words to express what this means to me.
I have never managed to have any close connection with people, and I have tried. I have never had much of a family. I didn’t so much as leave them, we sort of all left each other, slowly day by day. Until one day I realised I was on my own and couldn’t remember when I had last seen any of them. I have never had much of friends, until Cutter and Porky. I think they are friends. I mean they talk to me, don’t kick me and did save my life. They remember my name. Sure I have the cockroaches, but they are my dependants. I take care of them and they need me. Having friends is different and nice.
Life is settling to its normal pace, I have found a hidey hole to sleep in. Days are spent scavenging the various dump sites for food or trying to get work; and yet at the same time it’s different. Cause I now have friends and cause I have friends I am not kicked about so much. I am included and when Cutter and Porky make a new friend, as Cutter has with the witch, they see that Cutter and Porky are my friend, they treat me OK.
So, this is my chance to change people’s view of goblins. I am going to show this village that a goblin is not what is represented to the world by the elves. We can be better; we can be trusted and helpful. Damn those elves. I’ll show them.


Shadow of the Demon Lord @ Gamezilla RPG night AllanCarey Mattogatto