Just this guy, you know.


Strength: 9
Agility: 10
Intelligence: 10
Will: 10

Ancestry: Human.

Size: 1 (5’ 2”, 105 pounds).

Age: 25 – 30.

Gender: Male.

Speed: 10.

Languages: common.

Profession: peasant.

Wealth: Getting by.

Gear: dagger, staff, basic clothing, backpack, 2 torches, a pair of loaded dice, 3cp.


Porky has drifted around town for years. He’s one of those guys who never seems to quite get it together. He never seems to have a job, but he always seems to have just enough to get by…

He mixes with a slightly dodgy crowd. Recently he has buddied up with some newcomers: a mechanical woodcutter, a goblin and a witch. Typical!

One day, he’ll come to a bad end, you mark my words.


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