The town's Bowmaker and resident political theorist


Nessa is a 34 year old Dwarf, Female, though if you weren’t a Dwarf you would be hard pressed to know that.

She’s Short, shorter even than other dwarves. She take great pride in her appearance, managing her hair to a shine whenever she is out in public.


Nessa was born to a normal dwarven family, however her life was turned upside down when she was 12, as the local settlement was raided by a party of marauding orcs. Most were killed, including the rest of Nessa’s family, but she was taken as a slave.
She was worked for years by this band of orcs, never once having the chain removed from her ankle.

This life if slavery did enable her to hone her skills at bowmaking and once liberated from captivity, she has set herself up in Chuton as the local supplier of bows, her craftsmanship enabling her to live quite comfortably.


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