Mayor Izzy Kyer

The Mayor of Chuton


Izzy is the mayor of Chuton. Originally from Sixton, Izzy was fast-tracked through the ranks of what bureaucracy exists within the Northern Reach as an expert organizer, administrator, and quartermaster.

Izzy was destined to become the Head Quartermaster of one of the great Crusader States, but during his time working throughout the various holdings of the Northern Reach rulers, he fell in love with the tiny town of Chuton. He has now helped run the administration of the multicultural town for more than twenty years.

Izzy is honest, kind and does he best to help out, however he can. He loves Chuton and its people and has been amazed by how well the heroes of the town have banded together to fight back against its curse.

Image source is AnjaDiPaolo on Deviant Art

Mayor Izzy Kyer

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