Sister Hüvje

The successor to the late Father Bert


A human woman of exceptional beauty – level 5

STR 11 [+1] – HEA 31 [HR 7]
AGI 11 [+1] – DEF 11
INT 10 [+0] – PER 10
WIL 13 [+3] – INS 0

SIZ 1/2
SPD 10


. . .

Professions: Marine, acolyte of the new god, minister
Novice path: Priest
Expert path: Cleric
Languages: Common Tongue (speak, read, and write), High Archaic (speak, read, and write), Elvish (Speak)

Talents: Shared Recovery, Prayer, Conviction, Icon of Faith, Divine Strike

Traditions: Celestial, Life, Theurgy
Spells: Level 0 (4 x day) – Minor Healing, Burning Beam, Denounce
Level 1 (2 x day) – Hallowed Ground, Cure
Level 2 (1 x day) – God Hammer, Revelation
Level 3 (1 x day) – Divine Aid

Weapons: Sling with 20 stones, fighting staff, sword
Other gear: Fine clothing, backpack, cloak, rations (1 week), waterskin, tinderbox, torch (2), rope, healing potion, money pouch (10ss 6cp), a silver necklace with a broken pair of dark glasses hanging from it, an old treasure map,


Hüvje presents something of a dilemma for many of her fellow villagers. On the one hand, she holds a respected position as the village’s priest of the new god. On the other hand, she is ridiculously beautiful, easily the greatest beauty in the village and the surrounding lands, and probably much further afield. You know those fairy tales that begin with an arrogant princeling falling in love with a stunningly pretty peasant girl? Hüvje is that girl, but she is also a priest, which is where the mental conflict comes from.

As if that weren’t difficult enough, she is also extremely easy to talk to and seems to genuinely interested in the lives of everybody in the village. Despite her position and the status that goes with it, she is very friendly and enjoys a drink and a laugh, and so is not at all the sombre clergy one might expect. There is a credible rumour that she was once in the military, perhaps a sailor on a military vessel, and she learned her trade as a chaplain. How she came to be a humble village deacon, then, is the subject of whispered speculation.

How she came to be a priest is simple enough: dead man’s boots. Poor Father Bert…

The new priest has been looking rather tired of late, as if she isn’t getting enough sleep, but that is only to be expected after recent events.

After hitting rock bottom during the Battle of Chuton Bridge and falling into a deep depression afterwards, Hüvje is now on the mend. She has found some hope for the future, and some signs of the person she used to be are sometimes shining through the darkness.

(Note: The name is pronounced HOOV-yuh.)

Team 1 (Bailey farm) – Branka, Blys, Glint, Terry
Team 2 (Oldoak) – Tonk, Alaric, Bzzzantine, Branka
Team 3 (Chalice) – Tonk, Nessa
Team 4 (Bridge) – Jack of the Woods, Cutter, Nodoun, Porky
Team 5 (Foundry) – Vert, Alaric, Branka, Chrissie

Sister Hüvje

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