Masive metal worker


Hereditary: Clockwork
Warrior 1
St: 13 Ag: 8 Int: 10 Will: 8
Size: 2 Def: 13(15) Per: 9
Health: 18 Speed: 6
Languages: common
Age: ~50
Purpose: Built for Work
Form: Large Humanoid 10’ 750lbs
Appearance: Stylised and ornate
Wealth: comfortable
Professions: woodcutter, Witch hunter’s servant,
Gear: dagger, weapon, shield, backpack, cloak, healing potion, 1 week rations, water skin, coil of rope, tinder box, 2 torches, pouch with 7cp


Cutter was created to serve as a general large labouring servant to a wealthy estate. For the first thirty years of his clockwork existence that is what he did. The simple life of working to instruction suited the large, quiet machine who enjoyed the camaraderie of the large multi-racial workforce. Generally, life on the estate was protected from the turmoil of the outside world with all hands working to a common purpose.
One morning was special as Cutter was addressed directly by the noble master of the house. The great man, who Cutter had seen grow from a boy into a commanding adult, issued three instructions:
1. You! Tin man. Go out and get some firewood, it’s damned cold in this gloomy dump
2. Then light the fires you dunce
3. Oh, and clean up around the place
That morning was spent cutting wood in the forest, but upon return the estate was strangely quiet. Upon moving closer, Cutter spied the bodies. Every living creature, from the lowliest goblin to the master himself was dead. Even the livestock had not been spared. Many had suffered obvious wounds, but a significant number had no external marks, only a look of agonised horror on their lifeless faces. Moving as per his last instructions, Cutter gathered all the bodies into the great hall, set a fire using every piece of wood available, and cleansed the building with fire.
Now wandering at his own recognisance, Cutter did not really know what to do. Used to working under instruction, the wide open possibilities of the world seemed daunting, and the company of fellow workers was sorely missed. Working for new people came with its own challenges. While intellectually he understood that the old master was dead, those last three instructions would resonate through his soul. While working in a warehouse as a loader, he was shouted at for spending time cleaning the floors. When employed as a bouncer, he was fired for wandering off to the forest to cut wood. Finally he found a job which seemed to suit him.
The Witch Hunter “The Black Spider” needed a lot of firewood and fires lit. The Spider even described witch hunting as “cleaning out the vermin”. Cutter spent the next ten years traveling the countryside gathering wood and lighting fires. Cutter was not responsible for who should or should not be burnt, he was just following orders. The job gave him purpose and company with the other servant, a chap named Porky. It felt good to have family again.
All this changed when the goblin Roach was to be put to the fire. Spider claimed that the goblin had a dagger which was a known symbol of the followers of the Demon Lord. Roach counter claimed that he only had the dagger because he (or she, Cutter has never been sure) had stolen it from The Black Spider himself. Cutter and Porky looked at each other, both knowing that they had seen the Spider “cleaning” many people in the past using that exact knife. That night while Cutter was minding the goblin prisoner, the two servants discussed the situation with the goblin. Following Roach’s suggestion, the three of them disappeared off into the night after Porky came back from disabling The Spider.
Now on the run, the three companions had close encounters with the Black Spider several times before finally giving him the slip.
Now free from pursuit**, they settled down here in Chuton which Porky seemed to know well. These new companions are now Cutter’s latest family. At Roach’s suggestion, Cutter went into business for its self providing firewood for the town. It turns out that not needing food, warmth or sleep allows a person to provide firewood quite cheaply and for the last few years Cutters business has been doing well. Not that this matters all that much to Cutter. Material things come and go, holding onto your friends is what’s important. That and lighting fires of course.
There were times that Cutter felt a bit lonely while out in the woods, but that has been solved by a recent infestation. A mouse took up living in Cutter’s chest and what started out as a pest is now a treasured friend.
Cutter recently met a new friend called Dorothy. This follower of The Lord & Lady requested Cutter not cut down a particularly fine oak which Cutter had selected for timber. She talked about something called “Ley Lines” “Ancient Wrights” and “Sacred Groove” which Cutter did not really understand. Ultimately all trees are the same to the fire, so Cutter was happy to look elsewhere for his wood.

**For a certain value of “free”


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