Chrissie Todd

Gender fluid Goblin with a leering grin and a penchant for crying


As Goblins go, Chrissie Todd was never the good looking one. Clever, yes. Lucky, sometimes, but she always relied on her brother’s good looks to get them by.
He’s gone now and Chrissie is all alone in the world. The cruel world , the cold , dark cruel world.

It’s hard being a lonely goblin, in a dark world where you are treated like a peasant and a murderer. Yes, I’m a peasant, yes I know, there’s no need to point that out all the time.


Small, leery and teary. Chrissie most notable feature is her wide and toothy grin. “It’s good for making friends”.

“You’re my wife now?”


Update: that was a rough few days for Chuton. Lucky for everyone Chrissie has it all in hand. In the other hand is a bent and rusty dagger with no sheath and Chrissie is looking for a place to put it.

Chrissie has always been a rogue but now it’s official with a capital R!

Making friends with everyone as usual, Chrissie is now buddies with Vert from the Rusted Crown, Jack of the woods, Hjuve the priest , Blys the weaver and even the troublesome Midwife, Ruby .

So with dagger in hand and a spring in her step, from the sprouts stuffed in her boots, Chrissie is on top of the world and she can see what you are up to from here…


Chrissie Todd

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