A small flying clockwork with a buzzsaw for a hand


I know nothing. According to Alaric Clay, some children found me in a shallow creek, rusting and inert. They brought me to be fixed. And here I am, fixed.

Well, not entirely fixed. I have no recollection. About anything. I’m unsure of why I was built the way I have been. Everything in this world is new and fascinating to me. I have learned so much already! I have learned not to examine puppies or comfort children when my buzzsaw hand is spinning. I have learned that it’s NOT normal for a woman to turn into a bat and fly out a window. And I have learned that something big is happening in Chuton, and my boundless inquisitiveness is powered up beyond belief for what that could be.

Oh yes, I seem to be good at spying. Was that my purpose? Or killing? I’m not sure, tee hee, but sometimes I THINK OF THE SWEET SPRAY OF HUMAN BLOOD ERUPTING FROM MY BUZZSAW AND I DEMAND MORE and other times I think of how pretty flowers are and… what was talking about again? Never mind, I’m sure it’ll come to me…


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