Alaric Clay

The town's artificer/engineer, specialising in mechanical devices


Alaric is Chuton’s artificer and engineer, responsible for making and repairing various mechanical devices for the townsfolk. He is also a magician, specialising in both the oldest and newest traditions of magic, and mixing it with his knowledge of technology. He always tries to do what he thinks is right, even if that sometimes goes against tradition or the law.

He’s 27 years old, slender and of average comeliness, but he has strong arms and a scar across the back of his right hand, both from his work. He is not married and has no children, but cares deeply for his family, especially his sister and mother.

Professions: Astrology, Engineering, Magic
Languages: Reads and speaks the Common Tongue
Novice Path: Magician
Expert Path: Artificer
Magical Traditions: Arcana, Technomancy, Time, Alchemy

Image Credit: Pathfinder by Chris Ocampo


Alaric was born in Chuton, the youngest child of the blacksmith, and has three siblings, including his eldest brother Owen Blacksmith, and his sister Gwenda, with whom he is very close, often spending time with his niece and two nephews. A child of their father’s second marriage to the town’s previous midwife, Alaric kept his mother’s last name as he didn’t enter the family profession.

Finding an aptitude for learning, Alaric was sent away to apprentice with sages in Sixton. He first trained as an astrologer, but despite completing his studies, declined an offer to work in that profession, and instead turned his skills to engineering. He also learned to read and write. Alaric has since made a comfortable living constructing and repairing various kinds of mechanical apparatus for the townsfolk, mostly straightforward tools like water wheels and pulleys, though he also knows how to make simple clockwork devices.

Aside from his family, Alaric has regular dealings with many of the townsfolk, including Ruby, the new midwife trained by his mother, Henri the scrivener, whom he often sees at the library, and Blys, who buys spare bits of leftover iron from him to use in some of the clothes she creates. Alaric follows the Old Faith, partly to honour his mother’s beliefs, but also because he finds it more likely there are multiple gods than just one. Accordingly he doesn’t attend the services of the Cult of the New God, but he feels a person’s beliefs are their own to determine and only resents proselytising.

After the events of this year’s Festival of Forgiveness and his experiences in the Free Scholars Library, Alaric decided to devote his time to studying magic to better understand and protect Chuton from the Demon Lord’s Shadow. He started with the oldest and most reliable tradition of wizardly magic, Arcana, but his knowledge of engineering has also led him to pursue the new art of Technomancy – not least so he can better repair Bzzzantine, the small flying construct he recently reactivated. Fearing it may be something they might run out of, he is also studying the unusual art of Time magic – a practice in which he is happy to have found a companion, in the unlikely form of Tonk the goblin.

After his run-in with the mysterious woman and Time wizard in Oldoak, Alaric retrieved a great number of advanced notes on the study of Alchemy. As it had clearly been used against them, he has be working hard to pick up the basics of the art in order to prepare for what is to come.

When the Swords of Astrid came to Chuton, Alaric volunteered to show the town’s devotion to the New God by ridding a nearby tower of Gremlins. There he discovered another deactivated clockwork, which he activated with some hesitation, and experienced firsthand the sensation of being shot with a gun. Vowing to use the light of reason and technology to extinguish the encroaching darkness, he has taken the path of the true Artificer, using magic to construct whatever he and his companions need in the blink of an eye and devoting his time to more destructive uses of Technomancy.

Alaric Clay

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