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The tales of woe from our most recent adventures have begun flooding in. From the boot filled adventures of Chrissie hunting Viktus, to the terrifying encounter with wicked fey by Henri and the Lion to Alaric’s Mechanical Misfortune at the railway , we are beset from all sides by tales of torment!

But the whispers of dark forces in Crossings, and wicked things in the forest must wait for a time. Retrieved from the body of Viktus was a commandment to the crusaders of the New God. Chuton has been marked! All citizens are to be put to fire and sword!

The town is in uproar, within the chaos, voices cry out “What now?”

How will you as a community face this threat?

1. NEGOTIATE: “We have nothing to hide. Our town is known for our tolerance, it is the basis of everything we have worked for. We should meet and talk with them, and share all of the information you have gathered. I am sure the Inquisitor will lend his power to our investigation against this terrible evil, once he is assured that we are doing the New God’s work.” – Izzy the Mayor

2. FIGHT: “Talk? With the Swords of Astrid? I’ve tried, they are fanatics! They only understand violence, so that’s what we should give them. Gather arms! Build barricades! They cannot take us. I did not serve in the Empire’s war to bow down before a zealous sect of the church. They are bullies who are used to roughing up farmers, we’ll show them how real warriors fight!” – Waylon the Teamster

3. OUTWIT: “Meet them in pitched battle? Or worse still, appeal to their reason? Foolish! Listen to Blys, and Henri, and the Lion. We need to outwit them. We can fool them that we have dealt with the problem ourselves, we’ll create new evidence, and even set the fey Red Leaf against them. We have books and learning to guide us. We are smarter than these zealots!” – Mrs Ellis, the Librarian

4. EXODUS: “They do not know reason. Their intent is clear, they will attack at once. We must flee with all our goods. They are coming from the south, we must load up our wagons and roll north. Let’s go to Crossings, it is a free city of all creeds, they cannot touch us there. Yes, yes, I know the road there goes through the Barrows, but we have strength in numbers, and our brave heroes to defend us. Merchant caravans travel that road all the time, I’ve done it myself. We must hurry!” – Gert the Grocer

5. HIDE: “The haunted road through the Barrows, are you mad? Listen to what Jack of the Woods says! We must flee west to the forest, travel light, just take what we need. We can build a hidden camp there, the fey will surely help us, we have lived alongside them… I had a dream in which Chuton was empty, but flowers were blooming all around. The Inquisitors dare not enter the woods. Once we are safe, our heroes can venture forth, find the real cause of the demonic plague, and prove our innocence and our piety.” – Mae the Herbalist

It is up to the heroes of Chuton to decide on the wisest course. Cast your vote now, before all is lost!


Please state your choice using one of the five options listed above in CAPITALS in a comment below before midnight Friday 26 May.



Jack of the Woods – I won’t claim the fey to be my allies, and maybe others know people in the Crossings who would be more empathetic to our plight? But I would cast my vote to 5. HIDE in the woods, at least so we can see what wicked people this way come.

However I would join the group on an EXODUS to crossings if we feel better sanctuary lies in that direction, and I’m not adverse to joining in the FIGHT should others determine a stand should be made. But regardless of those potential outcomes, my vote is cast to HIDE


I’m with Jack , all the way, right to the end. Right to the last , I’m right there. , Chrissie and Jack , just us, all the time , you and me Jack, right to the end, forever, for all time , Jack and Chrissie , I won’t ever leave you, Jack, it’s you and me kid, Chrissie and Jack all the way , forever, just us, just you and me Jack , for all time.

Hide, or run, or murder them all, what kind of boots are they wearing?


Vertrix – My vote is also to HIDE
Hiding in the shadows all my life and perfecting the ability of not to be seen or blend into the local surroundings has its advantages.
Seeing things that are not to be seen, hearing things that are not to be heard, waiting for the best possible time to silently strike, if necessary, and of course take anything that is worth a pretty penny or two.
Not being adverse to killing and will do so again to save this town and its folk, I think hiding and trying to find out more information is always the best option, as knowledge is power, before silently slitting their throats from the darkest shadows.


The Lion votes to OUTWIT, if we kill them, they’ll just send more.


Sister Hüvje says: “There is no good choice. We can’t stay and be slaughtered, but who would take us in if we were to leave? The world is falling into ruin around us, and our only hope is to create our own sanctuary. It would be folly to try to turn such bloody-minded vandals away with compassion or reason, and likewise a stand-up fight is likely to result in more death and injury than our hearts could stand. These bloodthirsty fools are no smarter than rabid dogs, so I say we find some way to fool them. Convince them the job is already done, or that it was never needed at all, and if that fails lead them into a trap that cannot be traced back to us. We cannot be blamed if these murderers run afoul of some terrible natural accident…”


Owen Blacksmith says “My family has had the smithy here for generations and followed the Old Faith for longer, so there is no way some little jumped up new god pansy is going to make me move. However having been in war before and having seen the devastation it causes, fighting is always the last resort. The Lion outwitted a fey so I vote for trying to OUTWIT them. If that doesnt work, then I make my stand in the smithy and they can bleed trying to get me out.”


Well, I know what I’m going to do, but that won’t help any of you.
I vote for OUTWIT. Any other approach ends up with us dead or hunted. And I don’t like either of those options.



Havelock the Gravedigger says, "EXODUS! The demon manifested itself in my shadow, that cannot be denied. So what hope do I have if the Inquisitor has sworn to burn all those who were possessed? And he has promised all those who witnessed it will be put to the sword – that’s EVERYONE.

Let’s flee to Crossings, the free city of all creeds, and start anew. The Barrows are nothing to fear. We know that, we were in among them last week and exposed a fraudster. He had to steal bodies from graves in our cemetery to do his tricks because the dead of the Barrows long ago turned to dust. But if any should rise we have warriors among us, and I have my trusty shovel.


Throquulûk!! (translates roughly as 2. FIGHT)



My inquisitive, clockwork mind is buzzing with this news of invaders and confrontation. So much to observe and learn! I think the most fascinating scenario would be the third option, OUTWIT with a delicious bluff – testing minds against each other, substituting one reality for another, altering perceptions. I also have a soft spot for our sweet librarian, old Mrs. Ellis, ever since I kind of smashed three of her ribs while trying to break her spider pen. And y’know, if our plan goes south, the streets will run thick with blood and THAT SOUNDS LIKE A HOOT! Yours excitedly, —Bzzzantine



As a tinker I can work anywhere, and as an exile (already) I can say from experience that it is the people that are important, not your homes and possessions. You can rebuild but its harder to replace people.

So I vote take what you need, and leave now. We can always do a mix of the above – leave all the evidence at the Inn in the hope that satisfies them, lay false trails to send them to other towns so they don’t pursue us. Find a way to signal the townfolk if it is safe to return, or if they are being pursued.


While Ruby is adept at disguising herself, HIDING is not a long term option. It’s a stop gap until they eventually find us and then what? We will have been driven from our land, scavenging for food and weapons… no. Let’s manipulate and bait.
Let’s Outwit.


Blys – Outwit


Glint will follow the majority whatever their choice but would advise against direct contact with the Swords of Astrid. It also seems wise to avoid the woods since they are now claimed by the fey. The remaining choice EXODUS may also lead to more information regarding the elegant woman from Oldoak, so that would be my choice.


Branka – The Swords of Astrid won’t be beat in an all out battle. Deception is the only way to save our hides and our homes. No zealot’s getting their hands on my forge, it’d burn it myself first, hopefully with a few of them trapped inside with some very pointy items.
If we try to OUTWIT them, we’ll likely fail, but we may be able to kill enough to even out the battlefield.


Henri says: Maybe Sister Hüvje can draft a letter to the inquisitor advising that we have discovered the source of malice, and are all headed to Crossings to confront and defeat it in the name of the New God.


Alaric is appalled at this turn of events, and protests for some time that we should be able to reason with them – he discovered ample evidence to show that someone else inflicted the curse upon the village, and that we are all innocent victims. But eventually he is swayed by the conviction of others; he will help to OUTWIT them. His evidence will still come in handy, he hopes – after all, the best lies always contain some truth…


These are dark times. Not only we, a motley band of ragtag resistance fighters, have to contend with agents of the Demon Lord, we have to face with the (unsurprising) rise of zealots and fanatics in these troubled times.

If I were to limit my thinking to that of your average Goblin, the easy and selfish answer is to take flee or hide. But even if as a group we did, we would leave our village and the other innocent denizens to fend on their own, and likely die or suffer for the crime of being ignorant of the fate that awaits them.

Before we can claim to take a stand against the cosmic forces that for some unknowable reason have drawn their gaze to this sorry village, we need to be able to stand for our own. I say we OUTWIT. We use the one bit of information that we have, that the zealots are coming, and formulate a plan to prevent unnecessary bloodshed, and preserve Chuton. Not that we have done anything outside these last few days that warrant saving, but still, we must strive to rise above our past failings.

What plan then to OUTWIT? Seeds of it have been discussed. I propose we OUT-ZEALOT THE ZEALOTS. Stage a farce. Mock crucifixions. Find corpses to char. Pantomime exorcisms. You know, the usual preacher stuff taken up a few notches. What the hell, burn a few more buildings under the guise of smoking out heretics. Set torch to my farm if you will. My pumpkin-planting days are in the past.

When the Swords of Astrid arive, let them think that we have carried out all the fanatical extremism racist witch-burning inquisition to a degree that even they could not dream up in their sick fantasies.



Raya The Unwashed (though a little more washed now thanks to the Lion’s recent attention) thoughtfully reaches up and tugs a not-so-small bug from her dreadlocks. She spends a fun minute nipping each wriggling leg from its carapace as she waits for the other villagers to have their say.

“Blech. Ain’t we strong? Ain’t we good enough to kill them shadows? We fought em good. Then we got out and looked for more – the witch ran from Branka with only eight fingers left. Krissy looted the Witchfinder’s corpse. You want I should mix up an orc drink? Just like my mum used ta make before the dogs et her belly. Fill your bones with iron and hunger (and rats) again so that we can FIGHT.”

Raya tosses the denuded roach into her mouth with a final crunch and glares at the villagers around her.


The results are in and the vote is to OUTWIT the Inquisitors. Time is short, so if you would like to put forward a plan, then please comment on this post –

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