Shadow of the Demon Lord @ Gamezilla RPG night

The man with many cheeses

Adeline Hart had been seen talking with Rusty, so she was clearly suspect in the trouble that we’ve had recently.

She was last seen on the way to Meriview, the hobbit town. So she was clearly suspect in that respect, too. More importantly, Meriview is where we get our best cheeses. So something clearly needed to be done. Besides, we had it on good authority that she was from Down South. What more need I say.

Coal the Tinker, Nodoun Fastcloak the Dwarf, Urrgghh (an Orc preacher) and I (Porky) made a motley crew, but we had a mission. This time of year, the hobbits would just be laying down the best cheeses for the year. If we didn’t do something, they would never get to mature.

We were off to Meriview to save the baby cheeses (see what I did there).

When we got close we realized that Adeline was already at work. All the animals were acting strangely. We found her horse and followed it back to the point where it had bucked her off. I would have, too, if I was that poor horse. She was clearly up to no good.

No wonder the animals were acting strangely – there was a huge boar in the middle of town that had a hobbit or a baby or something sewn to its chest. That probably explained why children had disappeared, too. Definitely up to no good.

Turns out she was a vivisectionist, and had an evil book that detailed how to cut people up. The surprise was that the book was clearly in Rusty’s writing. She was a spry thing, but we took her down in the end. Her and her evil laboratory.

We left it up to the town to decide her fate. The mayor determined that she should burn at the stake, and the mother of the children that she had killed lit the fire. Can’t get more just than that.

The hobbits were right greatful for our help. They feasted us like heroes, and gave us wonderful cheeses for our reward.

And you know what they say about the man with many cheeses…

- Porky


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