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The village plan

We have chosen to outwit the Crusaders.

Heroes of Chuton!

The path forward has been made clear. To fight is suicide but we will not flee and give up all we love! Instead, we will outwit the Crusaders.

As with each answer to the choice we were faced, there is danger. The Swords of Astrid are fanatics. They are staunch enemies of deviltry and If our ruse fails, they will not hesitate to put us all to the sword.

We cannot fail, and for that reason, it is important we outline the details of our plan.

If we are to contact the Fey and request their aid, I would have us decide on it now. There are certain preparations and rituals holy to the old faith that must be performed before we approach.

There are many other paths that can be taken. Whatever your plans are, outline them here. We must band together and choose a plan of action, otherwise, we will all be lost.

Speak quickly, the Crusaders are coming, and we are running out of time.


Thanks for voting everybody! Please share your ideas before Sunday midday so that we can adequately prepare for the adventure. We need to know the nature of your clever ruses! – The GMs


Chrissie knows all the secrets that Chuton holds. Chrissie knows the people of Chuton aren’t the only people with secrets. Chrissie is good at getting secrets.

Chrissie thinks it’s time we paid a little visit to those who are closest to the Swords of Astrid. Had a little word in their ears , looked in their windows and listened to what they say when they think no one is listening.

Let’s gather some of their juicy bits before they arrive. I have plenty of room in my box of secrets and can feel a log coming on.

I know what you do at night, behind closed doors, oh Astrid, dear Astrid. Let Chrissie in, I’ve brought some friends.

The village plan

The Lion says "Normally I would say we appeal to the law and find a higher power to tug the leash of these Knights of Astrid. I don’t think there’s time for this. These so-called Knights are drunk on their own power. How does one deal with a drunk, a violent drunk? I’ve escorted my share of drunks home from the Rusty Crown. We need to cajole and flatter these men as deliverers while being wary that they are ready to lash out at us. They are Iooking for a fight and have ridden all this way to find it. Here are some ideas for a plan.

1. As Blys Weaver suggests, we make a fine show of hung bodies and burned buildings, with holy rites of banishment if this won’t be upsetting to Sister Hujve’s faith.

2. We welcome those who have come to deliver us, showering them with praise, food and drink and a lengthy religious service to build their fervor while getting them drunk (this part is quite dangerous, we may want to keep them sober instead, see point 3). As much as possible we should remain in control, as their hosts, rather than letting them feel they have taken over. We pick out a spot to encamp them. Any suggestions? Somewhere with some tactical advantage for us. Mayor Izzy will be our strong leader in this. Sister Hujve as our town’s religious leader must stand between us and them.

3. Coming back to the idea that the Knights of Astrid have ridden over here to kill, we present the Knights with our plea! There are THINGS in the woods that we haven’t yet managed to subdue, terrible things that prowl the shadows. (Umm, this may in fact be true, Owen, Raya and I felt a strangeness there). Hopefully, drunk on power and also just drunk, and fuelled with religious fervour from Sister Hujve’s powerful speech and Mayor Izzy and the citizen’s impassioned pleas, they’ll mount an immediate sorte into the forest. Those with magical talents who could invent some mummery to draw some of the Knights out of Chutton and over towards Red Leaf? Lights in the forest? Shambling dead from our graveyard? (Forgive me, I’ve been long without flesh, this may be insensitive of me.) Are there those with occult talents who can provide some challenges? I’m willing to help distract and lead some of these knights towards Red Leaf, in the hope that they will impetuously attack the Fey, perhaps even killing two birds with one stone. But we must not mention that we have knowledge of or any dealings with Red Leaf.

4. As Chrissie suggests, can we bring the leader of these men down? If we can learn who hates who and set the leadership fighting, it could enough. We need to learn their secrets. A poisoning (non-fatal of course!) with the suspect poison found in the belongings of a rival? Or an incriminating letter? Henri might be able to forge such a thing if he had a copy of the handwriting, should he wish to stoop to such a low act.

5. I will be positioning myself in the woods, patrolling and learning what I can from spying on the place we set aside for the Knights to encamp. Again I strongly advise non-humans to remove themselves from the town in small groups, to either the forest or nearby towns.

6. I don’t advise we make any pact with Red Leaf, unless we want to dig the hole we are standing in even deeper!

Apologies for this lengthy proposal, everyone. In a nutshell, a two pronged attack – disrupt/divide their leadership and draw them into a defeat in the woods.

The village plan
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