Shadow of the Demon Lord @ Gamezilla RPG night



The night of the festival was two days ago. The town is still in mourning over the lives lost in the terrible battle with the great demon and living shadows. Chuton will not be beaten though. Its people have proved themselves resilient heroes! The crisis is averted… those bells are stilling ringing though.

Chuton now prepares for funeral rites. As bodies sworn to the old gods are laid out for Father Death to reap, and those sworn to the New God to be committed to the ground, whispers sound throughout the village. “Who did this to us?” – “Why did they do it?” – “How can we make them pay!?”

The Mass funeral will be held at noon today for Father Bob, the heroes Terry the orc and Stenk the changeling, the 30 other villagers killed in the attack and the poor halflings found dead at the Rusted Crown. The whole village will be there, joined in mourning. Izzy will be giving the eulogy and making an announcement to the village. Word on the street is he’ll be asking for volunteers to find who did this terrible thing!


Thank you all for a great game last session, and for all of your great writeups on the Obsidian Portal! We will be setting up a MailChimp mailing list to send out information for each session via email. The info will also be posted on the Obsidian Portal and on Facebook.


Reminder: if you’d like a copy of the Shadow of the Demon Lord rulebook, there are 4 copies left at AU $70 each. (Substantially less than your soul!) We probably won’t order another box, so last chance to buy.


Here’s how we will be awarding Fortune at the start of each game: The forces of darkness will be defeated if people unite against it!

Fortune expires at the end of each night, it does not carry over to next week. At the start of each table play session, you can earn Fortune as follows:

1. Count the number of players at the table who you didn't play with last week (including the GM)

2. Roll a D6

3. If you roll the number of new players or fewer, you start with Fortune!

4. So, if there are three people you didn't play with last time, roll 1-3 to gain Fortune. During the session, you can earn Fortune at the GM's discretion as per usual. You can only have one Fortune token at a time.


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