Shadow of the Demon Lord @ Gamezilla RPG night

Fear of the Blank Page

A Less-Than-Quiet Library Visit

They told me libraries are great for learning, and they weren’t wrong. My quest for knowledge to fill up my clockwork brain taught me the following things:

  1. Some librarians are NUTS;
  2. If a library is devoid of inked words, they’re probably gonna be in a pen in the old lady librarian’s pocket and become a giant Ink Spider (it's happened 1 out of 1 times so far);
  3. It’s best to smash the pen when it’s NOT in the old lady’s pocket;
  4. It’s hard to apologise to the nice old lady about smashing the pen (and the supporting flatbed of 3 of her previously-intact ribs) when she’s been knocked unconscious by a well-meaning but slightly frightened teamster;
  5. Thankfully, like with any PR disaster, there was a larger disaster to help us all forget, and hey, quick, check out that massive demon shadow with all the cursing and the changeling killing and the whatnot!

More knowledge to follow.

Love from your knowledge-thirsty buzzsaw-handed klutz,



AllanCarey MarkMorrison

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