Shadow of the Demon Lord @ Gamezilla RPG night

Dropping a Grantham

Or...How a Chrissie Todd invented Orthopedics

Do you like my new boots? Viktus gave it to me, the hat too. He said he didn't need them any more. What he actually said was :

"Chuton and all those who reside there are damned. Your souls will rot in hell and your bodies burned. "

But Chrissie speaks four languages, so I  knew what he really meant. 

The boots are a bit big , but they are better than the pair Chris gave me in the graveyard and they fit real snug if you stuff Grantham Sprouts in there , tight.

 "Who's Viktus?" 

Oh, he's a Witchfinder, big hat, great boots, long brown coat. Overbearing, full of righteous bile. You know the type. 

I killed him and then he gave me his boots. It's ok, he deserved it. He breezed through Grantham while they were busy burning people alive, cheered on as the next village hung sisters for being witches , then handed a mother nails and a hammer to close up the barrel she had drowned her baby in. He deserved it and now I have his boots.  

So he won't be bothering Chuton again anytime soon. You're welcome , by the way. 

I wonder what an "Inquisition" is and why it would want to visit Chuton?  

Chrissie Todd

dropping a Grantham eating too many Grantham sprouts and farting a lot. 


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