Shadow of the Demon Lord @ Gamezilla RPG night

'Ain't nothing but a Gravedigger

Or ... mmmm, sweet,sweet malicious potato

The Mayor probably shouldn't have let the clockworks into the Festival of blah blah in the first place, that's when it all started to go wrong. "Forgive me for this, forgive me for that, don't cut our toes off Chrissie, oh no, I'm being strangled by my own shadow!" It's the same thing every year. Well , it's the same thing apart from the "being strangled by my own shadow" part. That was quite different and a lot of fun. Mayor Izzy always throws the best parties. 

So, after the screaming stopped , it turns out that it wasn't a party thing by the Mayor after all! It was some weird, "we can't say his name Lord", magic stuff trying to actually kill us all.

I know right! That's what I said, "COOL!"

So we mostly didn't all die , shame, and everyone will be wearing turtlenecks for a while, which is fine, but then the whole town rushes off to the Tavern or the Library or some other place to "investigate" some stinky steins full of mud and potatoes. I took myself off to the Graveyard , because, you know, there's things in there that don't need finding…

The Graveyard is so quiet at night, well it would have been if these five other people weren't following me everywhere. I guess that's alright.  The coffin maker was there, I guess she thought there might be some business in it for her. The gravedigger too, he's a badass and has his own shovel and boots.  Tonk,  the goblin farmer kept saying stuff like wizard and magic and ritual, weird.  Oh yes , the town clockwork torch was there , pretty cool really, I wonder how it works and the midwife, Ruby, a midwife in a Graveyard. I don't know about you but that's a bit suspicious.

We had to kill a big centipede, which was eating the dead bodies from open graves, but the important thing was I stole a pair of boots from Chris. 

Oh yeah, there were some glowing bones and Tonk kept saying eldritch horror and ritual magic and how he has to check the drainage in the top field. That goblins' unhinged if you as me .

We got back to the town hall and it all went a bit Pete Tong. Before I knew it I was outside , staring in through the window, watching the town get eaten by a giant shadow demon and I started thinking about all those empty hovels and all those comfy beds and what a long day it had been. 

I hope everyone will be ok, I guess they know what they are doing. 

Chrissie Todd


This is brilliant!

'Ain't nothing but a Gravedigger
AllanCarey MarkMorrison

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